White Dog Brewing Co




Skagit is a yellow Lab with a hunger for life...and snacks. He's a sucker for bananas, apple slices, and the occasional pig's ear/bully stick from Murdoch's. He goes by many names, including: "Skagit Compact" (like the fishing line), "Little Monster", and most often, "The White Dawg". If he were a rapper, he would be "Yung Wyte".


Boats and Beers

Skagit has a deep love of water, and would rather be standing or swimming in a river than standing on dry land. He was named after the mighty Skagit river in Southern British Columbia/Northern Washington, which is a world-famous Salmon and Steelhead river that is equally beautiful and intimidating. In another life, he would surely be a fish of some kind.

Skagit is an opportunist- he's notorious for knocking over beer cans in the boat and drinking any beer that happens to spill out. Can't say we blame him for that!

A Classy Dog

Skagit exudes class from every pore. He's not one for dating apps, and prefers to meet ladies in more refined settings, like dog parks and pet stores. 

Though he's likely to win your heart at first glance, Skagit isn't without his faults- while hiking on one particular first date, he took it upon himself to pee on the unsuspecting female. Chalk it up to territoriality, or perhaps affection, but the act certainly had no malicious intent.


A boy and his dog_jpg.jpg

A Lover of The Great Outdoors

Skagit was born for the outdoors. He's an ace at finding birds in the field and landing fish from the boat. He also loves skiing in the backcountry with his favorite human sidekick, and will get vocal about it if you aren't keeping up. On the flip side, he will also yawn extremely loud when he gets tired, just to let you know it's time for bed.

Skagit loves a good tennis ball (of course) and has a particular affection for rubber retrieving dummies shaped like game birds - his favorite has to be the Mallard duck.