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Scotch Ale

Rosalyn + Gus


A Fetching Pair...


Gus loves to fetch, and Rosalyn is simply fetching. As such, the two were an obvious choice to grace White Dog's Scotch Ale label. Scotch Ale's tend towards the sweeter side of the beer drinking experience, and both Rosalyn and Gus have sweetness to spare. Both are natural ambassadors for the White Dog brand- Gus loves the outdoors and any time on, or in the water, and Rosalyn is passionate about fishing and hiking. Rosalyn's fishing abilities shined through brilliantly during her photo shoot, and Gus was an ace when it came to nailing his pose.



Cocktail of choice? "Muddled cucumbers and vodka and gin and soda water"

Q+A With Rosalyn:


What's your guilty pleasure?

Tootsee Roll 90’s nasty rap.

Any special powers?

Growing two humans at once.

Favorite activities?

Hiking with the pups.

Favorite cocktail?

Muddled cucumbers and vodka and gin and soda water…but she does it virgin now. 


Q+A With Gus:


What’s your dog’s favorite snack?

Gus loves to destroy a JiF jar of peanut butter, to get 1 or two last tiny licks from the bottom of the jar.  If he doesn't have to work for it, then a peanut butter filled KONG stuffed with a milk bone. (he holds the world record for fastest KONG clean out).

Dog’s favorite toy?

Not much of a toy dog, oddly.  Toys are usually used as something to randomly grab as a gift when someone comes to the house.  Gus loves giving "gifts".

Any weird doggie quirks?

Gus in CONVINCED the vacuum was placed on this earth to suck his brains out and eat him.  So far, the vacuum has avoided aggression, but Gus knows its just a matter of time...

How did your dog get his name?

Gus is named after Augustus McCrae, the legendary Robert Duval character in Lonesome Dove.  A real man, solid to the core.

What would your dog’s tinder profile say? 

"I'm down for whatever.  I may be getting a bit older, but I'm in great shape, love to get outside, and love getting wet and playing in the mud".