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English IPA






English IPA



A badass duo...


Jasie and Cami are the models for our English IPA. The sweetness and elegance of Cami the dog could only be matched by her owner, Jasie. As the taproom and operations manager of White Dog, Jasie is the perfect embodiment of a badass Montana woman. Along with her boyfriend and co-owner, Joe, they had the idea to take a vintage style and put a modern Montana spin on it. They wanted to capture the essence of badass Montana women doing the activities they both grew up with and love.

Dogs were a natural addition to the equation, as everyone in Bozeman seems to have a dog. The results are what you see in the taproom and adorning the walls today.


"I’ve been asked why we feature women doing male-dominated sports like shooting and fishing. My answer to that is, in Montana these aren't “male-dominated” sports. I've never even thought of those activities in that way because I’ve grown up around it and it’s just a way of life here."

- Jasie

Q+A With Jasie:


What's your favorite part about the brewery life?  

As the manager, I love meeting new people every day that we can share our craft with. It’s been so fun to see all of the friendships that have developed at White Dog. Complete strangers will start a conversation at the bar and then eventually I see them coming to the brewery together! Bozeman is a beautiful community and it’s been so amazing to watch new relationships form through craft beer.

You've been with Joe (owner of White Dog) for a long time- what was the first beer you made together? Was it good? Was it made in a garage?

Joe and I brewed our first beer together with a basic home brew kit in 2009. I think it may have been an amber ale. At the time we thought it was pretty good, but I’m sure if we could drink it today, we would hate it! I quickly learned that most of brewing is cleaning, so I eventually I stopped brewing, but Joe ran with it!

What’s your favorite White Dog beer (that you’re not on)?

My favorite White Dog beer currently is the New England Hazy IPA. It has robust hop aromas and flavors of melon, passion fruit, and orange with a smooth, creamy mouth feel. It is AMAZING!

Favorite cocktail?

An Old Fashioned with Bozeman Spirits 1889 Whiskey always hits the spot!

First beer you ever drank?

Molson, while fishing on the river with my dad. I had a stomach ache and he told me to take a little sip of his beer to cure it. I don’t remember if it helped or not, but I do remember being grossed out by the skunky flavor.

Q+A With CAMI:


What is the naughtiest thing your dog has ever done?

The first night we brought her home from the shelter she was really nervous and destroyed our backyard. She dug holes, chewed the hose into a million pieces, turned the water spigot on, and chewed on the steps.

Dog’s favorite toy?

Cami is a special lab that doesn’t typically play with toys. I’ll catch her carrying around a ball about once a year.

Any weird doggie quirks?

Doesn’t play with toys, doesn’t swim (only gets her ankles wet), has a big scary bark for her size. If you aren’t petting her enough she will nibble at your hand or paw you in the face.

What would your dog’s tinder profile say? 

Hot blond, 11 years young, loves long walks in the sun and spending lots of time snuggling. I take a little time to warm up to new people, but once I have a good read on you, I’m incredibly
loyal and will follow you everywhere you go…

Does your dog have a nickname/something silly you call her?

We call her “Little Stinky” or “Stink Buns”, which is pretty self explanatory.