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Gus is a yellow Lab destined for stardom. He knows what he wants and is willing to work for it- often demolishing a jar of peanut butter just to get the last tiny licks from the bottom.  One of his nicknames is Eddie Haskell because whether he's at home or staying at a friend's house, he always plays the good dog until he's left alone, then he turns into a mischievous dog and makes himself comfortable on the couch, master bedroom, or anywhere else he wants.


No Fear...Except a Completely Rational Fear of Vacuums

Wherever Gus goes, he goes boldly. Nothing can dampen his spirits- aside from that infernal vacuum. Gus is CONVINCED that the vacuum was placed on this earth to suck his brains out and eat him. So far, the vacuum has evaded Gus' thirst for retribution...but both of them know that a violent confrontation is just a matter of time.

Other than the vacuum, Gus holds no grudges and is always ready to show his softer side. He's not really one for toys, as the playthings he keeps around the house are actually gifts to be lain at the feet of the next visitor who walks through the door.

A Noble Namesake

Gus was named after Augustus McCrae, the legendary Robert Duval character in Lonesome Dove. McCrae's exemplary personality traits are plainly visible in Gus- he's a real man, solid to the core, and rugged to boot. Even more impressive is Gus' penchant for bravery; the picture at right shows Gus selflessly disregarding his own safety to save a wayward stick from the death grips of a rapidly-flowing river. The legendary tales of Gus' bravery are too numerous to retell here, but suffice it to say that he is the one you want on your side when all other hope has faded. 



Down for Anything

Gus, or 'Hurricane Gustav' as he is affectionately known, is ready to tackle anything that comes his way. Like most (all?) dogs, he is unable to articulate his desires, but his Tinder profile would surely highlight some of his strengths. It would likely read something like this: "I may be getting a bit older, but I'm in great shape, I enjoy the outdoors, and I love getting wet and playing in the mud. I can also howl along with the Michigan State fight song 'Victory for MSU', so if you are a fellow alum, we are a match made in heaven!"

If given the choice to be another animal, he would choose to be a duck. His idol is his grandpa 'papa' who he adores and is always on guard when he's around. Gus aims to please, spend some time with him and you'll see its true.