White Dog Brewing Co



Huckleberry is the first Black Lab to model for White Dog. His personality matches the beer he's on: Huckleberry Sour. He's the perfect companion for a summer day...He is can be found in the wilds of Montana...just like huckleberries.


Fave snack: Cheese of all kinds. He drools all over when I'm making grilled cheese. 

Favorite toy: Tennis ball

Quirks: When I leave for the day I allow him in and out of the house. Huck likes to steal my used socks, sweaty hats and other usually smelly mementos of me and bury them in the back yard as a keepsake. 


Naughtiest thing he's ever done: I was taking care of Huckleberry and his uncle and friend Junior. I was getting ready to leave on a fly fishing trip and had the door to the house open as I went in and out to the truck. It was the day prior to the fourth of July people were shooting off fireworks on the edge of town. Fireworks sound a lot like gun shots and to a hunting dog gun shots sound like a lot of fun. They chased after the sound in the dark and I was unable to find them despite being out on the lookout for several hours Huckleberry and his uncle Junior (my dad's dog) took off running into the night and weren't found until 7am the next morning. They were both returned by a runner who said they had followed him for 2 miles. By the time they were picked back up they had traveled almost ten miles. 



Bella doesn't have the know-how to create a Tinder profile, but if she did, we think it would be marvelous. Her picture would be of her in one of her many gallant poses outdoors. She would likely have a quote that reflected her contemplative nature- one that posed existential questions about doggie life...and it would probably be a bit of a bummer. 

Her macabre musings would be balanced out by her other myriad interests. Her friends call her Bella-copter; she's above your dog in everyway, but she's willing to stoop down and pick another dog up if the offer looks good enough.