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Bella Dog

Bella is a yellow lab with a heart of gold. She is a lover, a cuddler, and appreciates the finer things in life. She has a musical soul and is happy to debate politics, or just sit in quiet contemplation.




Like many dogs, Bella is a foodie, but her tastes aren't overly particular. She is a sucker for braised short ribs with a honey-remoulade on warm summer nights, but she also loves to eat trash off the ground. She isn't a wine drinker, per se, but we assume she would reach for a fine French cabernet if she could.

In one fateful week as a pup, Bella ate a favorite pair of shoes, a drivers license, an Xbox controller, reading glasses, and exploded a pen on the couch. She has since grown up and left her ransacking days behind her, but with the right set of eyes, one can still see a marauder hidden behind her unassuming smile.


Bella was once a single-toy kind of dog. Her stuffed moose was her one and only; her moon and stars. But once she got into the modeling life, that all changed. She was given a snake toy as compensation for her modeling work, and her life changed irreparably. When she was told to pretend that her snake toy was a bra she was pulling, she never wanted to let it go. As these things often go, life imitated art, and Bella became obsessed with the art of pretend. Some say she is still pretending to this day.

ellie and bella.png


Bella doesn't have the know-how to create a Tinder profile, but if she did, we think it would be marvelous. Her picture would be of her in one of her many gallant poses outdoors. She would likely have a quote that reflected her contemplative nature- one that posed existential questions about doggie life...and it would probably be a bit of a bummer. 

Her macabre musings would be balanced out by her other myriad interests. Her friends call her Bella-copter; she's above your dog in everyway, but she's willing to stoop down and pick another dog up if the offer looks good enough.