English IPA


Jasie + Cami


A badass duo...


Jasie and Cami are the models for our English IPA. The sweetness and elegance of Cami the dog could only be matched by her owner, Jasie. As the taproom and operations manager of White Dog, Jasie is the perfect embodiment of a badass Montana woman. Along with her boyfriend and co-owner, Joe, she had the idea to take a vintage style and put a modern Montana spin on it. They wanted to capture the essence of badass Montana women doing the activities they both grew up with and love.

Dogs were a natural addition to the equation, as everyone in Bozeman seems to have a dog. The results are what you see in the taproom and adorning the walls today.


"I’ve been asked why we feature women doing male-dominated sports like shooting and fishing. My answer to that is, in Montana these aren't “male-dominated” sports. I've never even thought of those activities in that way because I’ve grown up around it and it’s just a way of life here."

- Jasie

Q+A With Jasie:


What's your favorite part about the brewery life?  

As the taproom and operations manager, I love meeting new people every day that we can share our craft with. It’s been so fun to see all of the friendships that have developed at White Dog. Complete strangers will start a conversation at the bar and then eventually I see them coming to the brewery together! Bozeman is a beautiful community and it’s been so amazing to new relationships form through craft beer.

You've been with Joe (owner of White Dog) for a long time- what was the first beer you made together? Was it good? Was it made in a garage?

Joe and I brewed our first beer together with a basic home brew kit in 2009. I think it may have been an amber ale. At the time we thought it waspretty good, but I’m sure if we could drink it today, we would hate it! I quickly learned that most of brewing is cleaning, so I eventually I stopped brewing, but Joe ran with it!

What’s your favorite White Dog beer (that you’re not on)?

My favorite White Dog beer currently is the New England Hazy IPA. It has robust hop aromas and flavors of melon, passion fruit, and orange with a smooth, creamy mouth feel. It is AMAZING!

Favorite cocktail?

An Old Fashioned with Bozeman Spirits 1889 Whiskey always hits the spot!

First beer you ever drank?

Molson, while fishing on the river with my dad as a kid. I had a stomach ache and my dad told me to take a little sip of his beer to cure it. I don’t remember if it helped or not, but I do remember the skunky flavor.

Q+A With CAMI:


What is the naughtiest thing your dog has ever done?

The first night we brought her home from the shelter she was really nervous and destroyed our backyard. She dug holes, chewed the hose into a million pieces, turned the water spigot on, and chewed on the steps.

Dog’s favorite toy?

Cami is a special lab that doesn’t typically play with toys. I’ll catch her carrying around a ball about once a year.

Any weird doggie quirks?

Doesn’t play with toys, doesn’t swim (only gets her ankles wet), has a big scary bark for her size. If you aren’t petting her enough she will nibble at your hand or paw you in the face.

What would your dog’s tinder profile say? 

Hot blond, 11 years young, loves long walks in the sun and spending lots of time snuggling. I take a little time to warm up to new people, but once I have a good read on you, I’m incredibly
loyal and will follow you everywhere you go…

Does your dog have a nickname/something silly you call her?

We call her “Little Stinky” or “Stink Buns”, which is pretty self explanatory.






Lizzy + Huckleberry


Perfectly Paired...


A little tart, with a crisp, blackberry finish. Sharing a name with one of Montana’s finest wild fruits, Huckleberry the dog was a natural fit to grace the label of our Blackberry Sour beer.

When paired with Liz’s wildly magnetic personality, the two were a perfect fit for our Blackberry Sour label. Lizzy, the mother, maven, and mixologist extraordinaire, is a huge fan of Blackberry Sour- one of her favorite concoctions is a Blackberry Sour mixed with a shot of Bozeman Spirits’ Huckleberry Vodka, and a splash of fresh lemonade to top it off.

Brand ambassadors both, Liz and Huckleberry perfectly embody the spirit of White Dog.


"I was in Germany, determined to have my first beer there...and I thought it was horrible. It tasted like bread soaked in alcohol." 

- Lizzy

Q+A with LIz:


Best moment from your photoshoot? 

Stuffing a borrowed bra with huge wool socks.

Favorite outdoor activity? 


Best superpower? 

My mad cooking skills.

Best song to get the party going?

"This Is How We Do It" by Montell Jordan.

What Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle would you be?

Leonardo, the thinker.

Q+A With Huckleberry:


Huck's tinder profile quote?

"Life's just a big hole in your owner's back yard. Dig it!"

Any nicknames? 

Huck Chuckleberry, Dr. Huxtable, Sir Aldous Huxley, Huckleberry hound.

Any hidden talents? 

Secretly a really great snuggler for such a big dog.

Huck's Idol?

"The Big Unit" Randy Johnson because the guy can probably throw a tennis ball a fricken mile and there is nothing more great than that to Huck.


Blood Orange



Shawny + Skagit


Modeling Magnificence...


Shawny and Skagit are the models adorning our Blood Orange Hefeweizen beer. Aside from having alliterative names, their vibrant and vivacious personalities were perfectly suited for our Blood Orange Hef. It was immediately apparent during their photoshoot that the duo had great chemistry, and both were impossibly photogenic.

Shawny, the consummate dog whisperer, used her talents to guide Skagit into picture-perfect poses, and then effortlessly displayed her own innate elegance for the photographer to capture. This kind of pairing is reflected in our Blood Orange Hef- a light citrus taste with a slightly fruity finish.

First beer? "A warm Miller Light out of my dad's garage."

- Shawny

Q+A With Shawny:


Do you have a best/favorite memory drinking at White Dog?

Singing classic rock ballads with the entire brewery and Betsy behind the bar

Best song to get the party going?

Night Moves by Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band

Do you have any hidden talents?

Dog whisperer

You've modeled for a lot of The Whiskey Ginger art, what is the best/funniest compliment you've ever received on it?

Quote: “Are those real?"

What Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle would you be?

Michelangelo... duh

Best superpower?


Q+A With Skagit:



What’s your dog’s Favorite snack?

Skagit’s favorite snacks are bananas, apple slices, and the occasional pig’s ear/bully stick from Murdoch’s. He’s also notorious for knocking over beer cans in the boat and drinking any beer that happens to spill out!

Dog’s favorite toy?

Absolutely crazy for tennis balls (of course), and has a particular affection for rubber retrieving dummies shaped like game birds – his favorite has to be the mallard duck.

How did your dog get its name?

Skagit is named after the mighty Skagit river in Southern British Columbia/Northern Washington. The Skagit is a world-famous Salmon and Steelhead river that is equally beautiful and intimidating.

What is the naughtiest thing your dog has ever done?

Peed on a girl during hike on a first date

Any hidden talents?

Nothing too hidden, but Skagit is great at finding birds in the field, helping to land fish from the boat, and loves to ski in the backcountry with me. He gets pretty upset while skiing if you aren’t going fast enough, and tends to be very vocal about it.

What would your dog’s tinder profile say? 

Skagit is a bit classier than Tinder and tends to meet ladies in more refined settings, like dog parks and pet stores.



pale ale


Ellie + Bella


Finding Montana...


Ellie and Bella are a perfect fit for the American Pale Ale label. Though both models hail from places outside Montana- Bella from Colombia and Ellie from Minnesota- both made their way to Montana and were forever changed. Endearing personalities coupled with a beautiful finish.

Though Bella was actually born in Colombia, she has been an American since the age of two, and now she bleeds red, white and blue. Though she retains her Colombian roots, she has spent her formative years running and playing in the rugged mountains of Montana. Ellie was originally from Duluth, Minnesota before she made her way to Montana. Both Ellie and Bella share an affection for backpacking and getting out into the wilds. If they were to be Ninja Turtles, both would be Michelangelo due to their chill demeanor and mutual love of pizza.


"I'm a sucker for a good gin and ginger."

- Ellie

Q+A with Ellie:


What’s your favorite white dog beer (that you’re not on)?

White Dog Blonde. So drinkable!!

First beer you ever drank?

Grain Belt. Still a fav

Do you have any hidden talents?

I can whistle like a train.

Would you rather be a great white shark or a grizzly bear? Why?

Grizzly Bear. Party all summer, slumber all winter!

Favorite movie of all time?

I'm pretty sure I could watch Big Daddy over and over again or to completely flip tracks V for Vendetta. (Depending on my mood)

Q+A with Bella:


Bella's doggie idol?

Her idol is 19th century Russian novelist Ivan Turgenev.  I don't care for his writing, but she quotes it often.

Favorite snack?

Bella's favorite snack is anything you drop on the floor.  She's particular about cereal, yogurt and pickled ginger, but will take anything you are careless enough about to drop.  But don't your DARE put it on a plate. It has to be off the ground.

Favorite toy?

Her favorite toy is a tie between her weird profile cut stuffed moose, a gift from one of her bffs and the snake toy she got as compensation for her model shoot.  Once we told her to pretend it was a bra she was pulling, she never wanted to let it go.

Hidden talents?

Bella does this weird thing where she likes to place her head against wet grass and run.  It's like her impression of a canine farming plow. She does the same thing when she is in shallow water, but we call that "submarine-ing".

Naughtiest thing she's ever done?

In the span of a week she ate: 2 pairs of my favorite shoes, my drivers license, an Xbox controller, my reading glasses and exploded a pen on the couch.  But that was when she was still a pup. She doesn't do that anymore.


Blond Ale


Mandy + Ruger


Outdoor enthusiasts...


The dynamic duo of Mandy & Ruger were a natural choice to grace White Dog's Blond Ale label, as they both share a passion for fishing and know how to fetch the good life. Ruger has even been known to dive down and catch Salmon in Alaska from time to time. It's worth noting that Ruger practices catch and release; he'll carry the fish around briefly, but always returns them safely to the water. Although Mandy has only recently become a paddleboarding enthusiast, she nailed the pose during her photoshoot, and is now hooked on the sport! Ruger has also spent some time on a board, and you can see from his picture that he is hungry for more!


"When I did the shoot for white dog I was holding a broom stick standing on a board in the grass and then Loni worked her magic to make it look amazing!"


Q+A With Mandy:


Favorite cocktail?

Moscow Mule or lime margarita on the rocks.

What’s the best compliment you’ve ever received on your White Dog label?

Funny enough my dad probably is the most proud.  Always excited to tell anyone he talks to at a brewery in Portland or wherever he is about White Dog Brewery and my beer and any Montana brewery he has been to.  He cant wait to visit White Dog in person for a beer on the frost rail!

You're the White Dog paddle board girl! Have you ever had a paddle board or water sports fail? Triumph?

I honestly had never paddle boarded until this last year.  When I did the shoot for white dog I was holding a broom stick standing on a board in the grass and then Loni worked her magic to make it look amazing!  Now I've tried it and love it though and am totally hooked! My biggest water sports fail was probably knee boarding years ago. Could never get up on the board and kept wiping out.  Its a good thing slo-mo cameras weren't around then!

Best pickup line you ever heard?

On the first date with my husband he took me on a motorcycle ride and "happened" to stop under a mistletoe tree.  He started pointing different things out in the area, and then at the end told me we were under the mistletoe tree.   He swears he didn't do it on purpose, but it was good move if he did.

Favorite outdoor activity?

Hiking and anything involving water.  We spend most of our summers floating, fishing, and catching crawfish in our creek.

First beer you ever drank? 

My grandpa gave me a sip of his Coors Original when I was a little kid.  I spit it out and swore I would never drink beer again! Now I love beer, and a Coors original can always hit the spot.  

Q+A With Ruger:


What’s your dog’s favorite snack?

He loves pig ears, but his favorite snack is (almost) anything his humans are eating (especially his baby brother currently).

Dog’s favorite toy?

He doesn't play with his toys much, but LOVES to steal hats or gloves from anyone around, especially his Dad (because it stinks the most).

Any weird doggie quirks?

He sneaks on the nice leather couch at night and sleeps belly up with all four paws straight up in the air.

What is the naughtiest thing your dog has ever done?

When he was a puppy, he was a bit of a Houdini.  He would jump the tall fence somehow when we lived out Springhill by Roy's Barn and one day he followed a combine around all day.

If your dog could be another animal, what would it be?

A salmon-eating Grizzly!


5 Hop Ipa


Andrew + Charlie



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"Best river beer? I'm afraid it's tough to top a few ice cold Tecates with some lime on the river."

- Andrew

Q+A with Andrew:


What’s your favorite white dog beer (that you’re not on)? 

I like the sour! My wife and I went to the Great American Beer Festival in Denver 4 years in a row, 2007-2010, and sours had just become a "thing" one of the years we were there. Ever since I've really liked trying sours because they vary so much from brewery to brewery. White Dog's sour has a great balance of sweet and sour, the blackberry gives it a little more fruitiness, and there's nothing weird going on like some sours. It's pretty straightforward and well executed!

Favorite cocktail? 

I like super medicinal tasting cocktails, maybe I'm a little weird??? I love Fernet, I'll drink fernet straight... The Sazerac is always my go-to if I want a fancy cocktail as well.

Favorite movie? 

Big Lebowski by a long shot. I bet I've seen it in the hundreds of times. There are just so many scenes that I love in that movie. Actually, I like it so much I've got a tattoo on my thigh of the dudes car crashing into the dumpster.

Best superpower? 

Flying would be the best, by far.



Your dog's favorite snack?

Peanut butter treats, carrots and sticks

Any hidden talents?

Huckleberry picking—she beats her humans to the best ones, making sticks out of trees, finding tennis balls miles out on trails, scouting for carp, inspecting fish, helping dig snowpits while backcountry skiing.

What would your dog’s tinder profile say?

Must like long runs in the woods and snow, taking turns eating popcorn, morning snuggles, evenings by the fireplace, willing to dress up in costumes, and sloppy face kisses.

Any weird doggie quirks?

When riding in the car, she has to lay in the middle of the backseat with her head on the center console. She never grew out of holding her leash in her mouth. She has a very specific morning routine of: kibbles, poop, snuggle.



Scotch Ale


Rosalyn + Gus


A Fetching Pair...


Gus loves to fetch, and Rosalyn is simply fetching. As such, the two were an obvious choice to grace White Dog's Scotch Ale label. Scotch Ale's tend towards the sweeter side of the beer drinking experience, and both Rosalyn and Gus have sweetness to spare. Both are natural ambassadors for the White Dog brand: Gus loves the outdoors and any time on or in the water. Rosalyn is passionate about fishing, and her abilities shined through brilliantly during her photo shoot.




Q+A With Rosalyn:




Q+A With Gus:


What’s your dog’s favorite snack?

Gus loves to destroy a JiF jar of peanut butter, to get 1 or two last tiny licks from the bottom of the jar.  If he doesn't have to work for it, then a peanut butter filled KONG stuffed with a milk bone. (he holds the world record for fastest KONG clean out).

Dog’s favorite toy?

Not much of a toy dog, oddly.  Toys are usually used as something to randomly grab as a gift when someone comes to the house.  Gus loves giving "gifts".

Any weird doggie quirks?

Gus in CONVINCED the vacuum was placed on this earth to suck his brains out and eat him.  So far, the vacuum has avoided aggression, but Gus knows its just a matter of time...

How did your dog get his name?

Gus is named after Augustus McCrae, the legendary Robert Duval character in Lonesome Dove.  A real man, solid to the core.

What would your dog’s tinder profile say? 

"I'm down for whatever.  I may be getting a bit older, but I'm in great shape, love to get outside, and love getting wet and playing in the mud".